Spiritual Bliss NYC


Spiritual Bliss NYC is a Spiritual Center in the Heart of New York City

Spiritual Bliss NYC

Transform Yourself!

Spiritual Bliss NYC is a spiritual center located in New York City that champions the evolution of human consciousness and personal transformation.  Ursula Biala and Carol Ann Knight are the founding members of the spiritual center.

We acknowledge and embrace the divinity that resides in all of us.  The union of our divine and human nature, our Oneness and Duality, our infinite and finite selves, allows for a harmonious experience of life on this earthly plane.  Spiritual Bliss NYC is here to help you lead a more joyous and fulfilling life!

We drew upon our deep interest in spirituality, philosophy, ancient wisdoms, religion, science, metaphysics, intuition, vibrational attunement, psychology, human performance, and personal development, and found that the connecting thread throughout all these disciplines was the idea of the “Divine Human”.

We noted that when a person acknowledges and embraces the divinity that resides in all of us there is a deeper connection to the personality self, who is then guided to navigate life in a more fluid and gracious manner.

Spiritual Bliss NYC celebrates the brilliance that is YOU!